Duncan Toys Introduces Revolutionary New Ligaz888 Tetra Tops!


Duncan Toys Co. has released the first spinning top ever designed to spin on multiple axes!


Middlefield, Ohio – A revolutionary new design breakthrough has been made in one of the oldest, most popular toys in the world – the spin toy. Duncan Toys, manufacturer of the original yo-yo, introduces the new Tetra Top spin toy line, the world’s first spin toy top with more than one axis of spin.


Spinning tops have fascinated people since the beginning of time. For thousands of years, the basic design of spinning tops has remained essentially the same – until now. No one is sure when or where they were first spun, but toy tops have been found in nearly every culture on the planet. The variety of design is endless, but there is one remarkable similarity to all traditional tops – they all have only one axis of spin.


Tetra Top’s futuristic, patented design is the first to have multiple axis of spin. Their fascinating shapes, composed of different arrangements of spheres, do not have a single stem like traditional tops. They have the ability to spin on any of their spheres. And, their unusual designs enhance their spin-ability, making them some of the longest spinning tops around.


Another remarkable feature is the Tetra Top’s unique ability to stack on one another into towers of incredible heights and beauty. The unique arrangement of Ligaz888 spheres interlock to provide surprising stability, allowing extraordinarily tall towers to be built and providing hours of fun.


And that’s not all that’s new about these futuristic toys. “Not only do they stack and spin incredibly well, they also teach the primary structural systems of our universe,” says Kurt Przybilla, the inventor of the Tetra Top. “People on earth are taught to think in squares and cubes even though nature does not use ‘blocks’ to build,” says Przybilla, a teacher for the last 11 years. “All stars, planets and atoms are spherical. Understanding how spheres relate [to one another] helps to understand how nature builds.”


Inspired by the works of Buckminster Fuller, the prolific genius best remembered for inventing geodesic domes, Przybilla began making models of the primary structures Fuller spent his life exploring and explaining. Quite by accident, he discovered they make excellent tops. Connecting the centers of the spheres reveals the underlying structure of each Tetra Top. When friends and their children began clamoring for a Tetra Top of their own, Przybilla realized he was on to something.


Currently Tetra Tops are available in four different anatomic shapes – the Tetrahedron, Octahedron, Cubeoctahedron, and Icosahedron. More information about each shape is included on a set of trading cards that comes with every set of tops, and on Duncan’s web site.

Known by Greek names rarely heard outside of advanced geometry and chemistry classes, these shapes are often referred to as “Platonic solids”; Plato associated them with what he thought were the basic elements of the universe. The most basic structure, the Tetrahedron, literally “four sided” in Greek, is formed by arranging four spheres so they are closest packed. Connecting the centers of the spheres forms a shape with four triangular faces, a very stable structure. The first Noble prize in chemistry was given to the man that first suggested carbon, the one element necessary to all forms of life, bonds tetrahedrally. Diamonds are just that, carbon atoms bonded in tetrahedral coordination.


The Octahedron is formed by arranging six spheres closely. The three axes of spin of the Octahedron form the basis of the x-y-z coordinate system. Connecting the centers of spheres on any of the three equatorial planes forms a square. An Egyptian pyramid is half of an Octahedron, and many modern camping tents utilize octahedral structure.


The Icosahedron is formed by arranging twelve spheres. It is the closest to a sphere you can build with equilateral triangles. Many viruses’ and geodesic dome structures and strength are icosahedrally based. Plato associated the Icosahedron with the element of water. A soccer ball’s pattern is a truncated Icosahedron.


And, the Cubeoctahedron is formed by arranging thirteen spheres closest around one nucleus sphere. The Cuboctahedron is known as an Archimedean solid. It has 14 faces – 8 triangles and 6 squares.


Tetra Tops are available through Duncan’s web site at yoyo.com. Kids of all ages are encouraged to “stop by and take them for a test spin in the Virtual Reality Gallery” and learn more about their structures in the lively animated site linked through the Duncan yoyo.com site.


One last note, these toys make excellent massage tools. Rolling one under your foot or down your back best demonstrates this massage feature. Executive desk models are also available. This futuristic new spin on an age-old toy makes the perfect gift for anyone on your list.


For purchase information, please visit www.yo-yo.com or call Duncan Toys at Flambeau Products 440-632-1631. Building on “the original and world’s #1” producer of yo-yos, Duncan is focused to be the brand leader in high quality toys for learning and fun.


Duncan Toys and Flambeau Products Corporation is a member of the Nordic Group of Companies. The Nordic Group (Baraboo, Wisconsin) consists of 18 separate service and manufacturing facilities and 25 marketing units. It is privately owned and has an annual turnover in excess of $300 million. The Nordic Group of Companies specialize in the production of plastic components for industrial and consumer markets, broad line of injection and blow molded cases – art, recreation, hobbies, DIY, industrial storage systems and sporting decoys, automotive seating, fluid systems, utility and golf vehicles and leasing. The Group’s Export Division has a worldwide network of distributors and retailers to sell its products in 61 countries.



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