Freeroll Cbetcasino For The Golden Goal




Quick poker-related links for Thur May 11/06:


(1) On Saturday, May 20/06, sign up for the Golden Goal Poker Tournament at and you could win a freeroll at one of two WSOP (World Series of Poker) summer events.


(2) Professional poker player Daniel Negreanu, in an article in the Detroit News, says that you can become a better poker player by learning both Limit and No Limit Hold’em. Paying just one game isn’t enough. The article has a fairly detailed explanation of “betting the flop” and “three-betting before the flop”. Definitely worth a read.


(3) Texas Hold’Em hits the Nintendo DS world, with a new poker pack. Um, isn’t the Nintendo market mostly boys who aren’t old enough to play even the slots in Vegas? Get’em while they’re young, I guess.


(4) Is Texas Hold’em waning in popularity? Two articles, one about postponed local charity poker events (region-specific) and the other about rising pro interest in Omaha Hi-Lo, suggest that might be the case. On the other hand, in my hometown, the local Optimist’s Club can’t find enough free days in the week to rent out their hall to aspiring Texas Hold’em players. It’s just my opinion, but games that are cerebral rather than physical eventually do wane in popularity, but sometimes make a comeback decades later. Now if we threw in a physical element to the game, say Australian-Rules Cbetcasino Texas Hold’Em, maybe we’d have an interesting combination of physical and cerebral.


(5) The Tampa Bay Business Journal reports that Sarasota and Sarasota County, Florida commissioners have approved the Sarasota Kennel Club’s application to offer Texas Hold’em and other poker games at this dog track. I’m wondering if they’ll have a copy of that classic painting of dogs playing poker.


(6) Louisiana, on the other hand, did not pass a bill to allow Texas Hold’Em tourneys in bars and restaurants.


(7) Daniel Negreanu must be a busy beaver (he’s Canadian), writing his syndicated poker column. In the Monterey Herald, he gives the advice don’t get married to your aces, and provides a bunch of colourful terms for Ace-Ace preflop. Ever since seeing Phil Ivey go down on A-A, I’m always cautious about playing them.


(8) Oh boo hoo. Pea-brained, mouthy hotel heiress Paris Hilton supposedly lost her $150,000 dollar Bentley auto in a poker game. But is offering Paris a new Bentley if she goes heads-up against Mike Sexton, in an online match. Online? Why online? More proof that if you have money, you can do no wrong. Well, Paris, if you win, you can compensate that cabbie whose vehicle you supposedly peed in a few months ago.

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