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Slot Online Road Trip

Earlier this month I had the privilege of going to Calgary to take part in all the Stampede festivities. It’s one of the largest if not the largest rodeo that comes into town. The whole city gets behind the event, …


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Things you should know before you gamble


Gambling operators make money from gamblers


This is a statement of the obvious, but it is worth remembering that legalized gambling continues to be one of the big growth …


Shark UFAAttack

I can remember when I was a kid and the Jaws phenomenon struck. Shark mania was everywhere in the media, and I got my hands on this book called “Shark Attack.” It was a non-fiction, statistical account of shark attacks …

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Poker’s Future

great benefit of living in the times of the poker explosion is that every month brings new developments for poker. Every time you think the future of poker is here, it’s actually lurking around the corner. And predicting the future …