What is WordPress?

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WordPress is an open-source content management system that lets even the most novice builders design and build their own websites. You can use it to create anything, from blog pages to portfolio or business websites to e-commerce. It is open-source, which means it has elements that are shared and built by others. There is a large community of web-designers who are skilled and can create useful tools that help others build WordPress websites. These tools, also known as plug-ins are designed to assist you in every aspect of your website, from layout and design to content creation.


What is WordPress Hosting?


WordPress hosting is any type of web hosting that has been specifically designed to work with WordPress websites. WordPress websites have unique dedicated server hosting  features that can cause problems with functionality if they are not optimized properly. This could mean that certain elements might not load correctly, increase load time or make the site unreachable. This can cause customers and readers to leave your website, which can lead to lost sales and valuable traffic.


WordPress Shared Web Hosting


Shared hosting is an option for those with a tight budget to host their WordPress website. WordPress users will share a server that’s not optimized for their needs. Like any shared hosting environment resources like disk space or bandwidth are shared between all accounts. This could lead to competition for resources, which can result in a reduced site’s performance and load time.


Technical Support for Shared WordPress Web Hosting


While shared hosting comes with general technical support and a cost that is affordable for even small businesses, it often fails to meet the needs larger or more complex operations.


Sites built with WordPress often share server space with other sites. This means that the technicians providing support for the server should be able to service any platform. This can lead to a drop in quality in technical assistance.


A shared server can host a large number of websites. This makes financial sense. If the cost of hosting is low, hosts will need to host many clients in each virtual server space to make a profit. The need to support so many clients can lead to a spread out support team, which can impact the quality of their work.


If you require more speed, security features or technical support, then you will need to look for other hosting providers.


WordPress Hosting for Shared: Security and Performance


Security and performance are both compromised by the shared nature of resources as well as the lack of privacy in shared hosting environments.


Due to the large number of websites that are hosted on the same server, security can be difficult to ensure. There are many ways for malware and poor coding to spread, so it is important to run more scans to protect your site and get rid of them once they have taken root. It is also more likely that an infection can spread to other people in shared environments, just like when a pathogen is released into a large space.


Performance issues are the same. Due to the large number of WordPress users sharing a web server, it is possible for one or more websites to begin hoarding resources. This can have a dramatic impact on neighboring sites. Support technicians must fix all websites that are affected if there is a large number of them. Performance can be delayed for long periods of time due to the many sites that need fixing. This is why web hosts that prioritize high performance, security, and excellent customer support may want to consider other options.


Managed WordPress Hosting


Managed WordPress hosting tends to offer more technical support and security than shared WordPress hosting. They offer better performance and operating speed, with more resources available (and no competition), for each client.


Tech Support for Managed WordPress Hosting


A managed host’s support is more extensive and accessible than the shared hosting support.


Managed WordPress hosting technical support is more knowledgeable about the WordPress platform than a shared package and can help with a wide range of topics. A managed host server will be able to support fewer clients than a shared server. This means that they are easier to reach and have more to offer than shared servers.


Managed WordPress Hosting: Speed and Performance


Managed hosts offer significant speed and performance improvements over shared host counterparts. Sites on shared plans can become slow or even unusable due to direct competition for bandwidth and memory. A managed host allows clients to use all resources, and technicians can monitor performance and correct any errors.


This support team is made up of professionals who are trained to fix operational issues faster than the average Joe. This helps maximize the website’s uptime and performance.


Security: Managed WordPress Hosting


Site and server security can be managed by a managed host. This is a much better option than many users are able to offer on their own. WordPress’s unique requirements are taken into account when designing protective tools.


All servers running WordPress can be used in a managed environment. This allows for all security measures to be uniformly applied across all servers. This allows hosting providers to streamline their maintenance and gives their technicians more time to install patches and upgrades as soon they become available.


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