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No one tells a story like Doyle, who had me in stitches when he told me about an out-of-towner who came to play in one of the big games. It was long ago, when only a few pros paid attention to “tells”— that is, something someone does in a poker game to give away his hand. The game had been going on for quite a while when Doyle noticed that the man whistled from time to time. Soon, he realized that every time the man was bluffing, he started whistling. After a few times, Doyle looked around the table, and there was a subtle twinkle in the eyes of the few pros at the table every time they heard the man whistling Dixie. Of course, it was not long before the out-of-towner went broke.



Still Going Strong After 50 Years

Doyle admits that if he had a mentor, it was Johnny Moss, who was the best poker player in the world in the early days. Doyle recalls: “When he was 50, Johnny was the best player I’d ever seen. By the time he reached 70, he’d lost it. I sure don’t want that to happen to me, now that I’m getting up there.” No chance.


Someone was teasing Doyle, saying that he had lost 10 percent of his Togel Hongkong game. Doyle thought about it for a bit, and then in that measured, Southern drawl, he answered slowly: “Well, yeah, but fortunately I was 30 percent ahead of everybody else to start with!”


What’s Important

At one point in the interview, Doyle told me that there are more important things than money and fame. All of that is nice, but it’s not what’s really important. I had read that he and Louise lost their precious 18-year-old daughter, Doyla Lynn Brunson, in 1980 when she was a freshman at UNLV. I couldn’t bring myself to ask him about it, because the result of that unspeakable loss was self-evident. He was a changed man, deeper, more self-reflective. He was kind, generous, and insightful, reflecting a lifetime of experiences — some of which he wished he never had. All of the fame, fortune, and accolades in the world could not salve the terrible pain of losing a child.


Interview With a Legend

It has been my great honor to give you a peek into the life of the greatest poker legend the world has ever known. As we were concluding our interview, I asked Doyle whom he respects in the poker world, and he answered: “Anyone who sits down at a poker table, dangles his feet underneath, and pulls out his money. I feel a sort of camaraderie and sense of family with anyone who sits down to play.”


When I asked him if he had any parting words, he thought for a moment and, in his humble way, said: “During my lifetime, I have tried to promote poker even when I didn’t feel like it. I would like to be known and remembered as someone who contributed all I could to poker for 50 years.”


No one will dispute that Doyle Brunson is recognized as a poker legend. Not only is he the king of poker, whose record cannot be rivaled, he is also a man who has brought honor and dignity to the poker world for five decades.




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